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All Crypto Music Startups List 2020

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Let’s have a look on all crypto music startups who are trying to disrupt the music business in one way or other. There were dozens of crypto music startups popped out in icomania of 2017. But many didn’t deliver or turned out to be outright scams and exit scammed the investors. I am listing only few startups which i know are in operational state and looks genuine. Still i can’t gurantee if these projects will deliver as promised so please do your due deligence if you think of investing in them. So let’s start and know about these startups which may replace spotify or youtube in future if became successful. All crypto music startups list 2020 –

1. Viberate

Viberate is a live music marketplace. It helps the artists to find new venues and colloboraters and fans to curate and manage all festivals activities at one place. As recording music revnue has fallen due to piracy and cheap streaming, the revenue in live music is keep growing and have huge potential for growth in coming years.

2. Emanate

Emanate is a music streaming platform based on EOS blockchain. It’s in alpha developing phase so you may encounter some bugs here and there , good news is there is some music to play , you can check it out. They have two token model.

3. Audius

Audius is a new streaming platform based on blockchain technology.

4. Ujo Music

Ujo music was one of the early startup to disrupt the music industry using ethereum blockchain. You can directly buy and tip arrists. All proceeds go to artist, no middle man included.

5. Musicoin

Musicoin is a free streaming platform which pays it’s artist on pay per play model in music tokens.


All these startups has one thing in common that they want to remove the middlemen in industry. But the big problem is replacing the age old star and label system is not that easy. Also streaming has made habit of buying music drastically low. The successful startups will be those who will leverage best of both tech and business to solve the problems for artists and fans , some out of the box solution with a great team and good investors backing may succeed creating true decentralized thriving music economy. I will be updating the list time to time for any changes. What do you think , how will blockchain and crypto will change music industry in long run, comment below.

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