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Flow tokens distributed to public sale participants

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Flow token cryptomaniac.in

Flow tokens has been distributed to public sale participants which happened in Coinlist. Tokens are locked and have a vesting for 1 year. 50% tokens will unlock after a year and rest will unlock monthly in equal installments.

Good thing is locked token earns staking rewards. Staking rewards are unlocked. It’s expected that token may hit exchanges for listing in December or January but exact date is still not known.

Staking and custody options –Coinlist

Flow cryptomaniac.in

There are currently three options for Staking your locked tokens. By default it’s on Coinlist the public sale platform. You don’t have to do anything if you want to stake there. They may cut a fees through staking rewards. Staking rewards are not unlocked right away , you will have to wait for few months.

Second option is Kraken which is a known crypto exchange. Kraken is not charging fees for staking for sometime also rewards will be unlocked straightaway. The date to change staking and custody service from default Coinlist to other platforms like Kraken or Blocto has already passed.

Flow cryptomaniac.in

The third and most preferred staking and custody option for flow tokens is Blocto wallet. Blocto neither charges any fees on staking rewards nor have any locking period for rewards. Moreover they also have a non custodial mode, if you want to control your tokens on your own and make it fully Decentralised ,you can do so in blocto.

Another good thing about blocto is that you get some blocto points which you can buy or earn which can be used as fees for different blockchain transaction fees without holding the native token of that asset. For e.g you want to convert usdt to dai in Ethereum Blockchain but you don’t have eth for gas fee , blocto will use its blocto points for gas fee and you don’t have to purchase eth separately. Same points will help in other supported blockchains.

Ledger support for flow is on works and may come soon.

Flow future prediction

Flow is intended for Blockchain gaming focused and become general purpose Blockchain also in long term. There are many games already launched like cryptokitties , NBA Topshot , MotoGP ( launching soon) and big game companies like Ubisoft are partner with flow.

It’s still early to say if flow will succeed in long term or not but considering it’s backers and big industry partners the foundation looks solid. Right now the focus must be building on strong community and delivering some kick-ass new and innovative Blockchain games which can hook hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike along with new users which are experiencing Blockchain for first time.

The industry partners looks solid but as we know that’s not a gurantee for success , for success we need to have a games or dapps that will hook users and bring revenue and new users. For e.g just like Uniswap a completely new type of trading and swapping assets became a hit dapp in Ethereum and increased the activity ,transactions and userbase in Ethereum , we need same type of original and kick-ass dapps which can make flow a big success.

The key however is to innovate and not just copy the other platforms , just like cryptokitties was a new and innovative game and got huge success and it’s copycats doesn’t get much success , always trying to bring something new and innovative has much value than just copying and expecting the same result Everytime which is not possible.

UFC digital collectibles on Flow

UFC which is very famous MMA game all over world will launch digital collectibles on flow Blockchain soon. Click here to go to UFC digital collectibles site.


Flow can become the first successful mainstream gaming Blockchain and a general purpose Blockchain in long run. The momentum is looking good so far. 2021 may be the the year of flow and crypto in general.

DisclaimerThis article is not an investment advice. Kindly do your own research before investing in any project. Author has participated in flow community sale and hold small amount of flow tokens.

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