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We’re looking for a talented Senior DevOps to join our Product and Engineering team. You’ll work on multiple technical challenges associated with scaling our Engineering team, our cloud efficiencies, and the development of a globally accessible, decentralised banking like service.

Our tech stack includes:

Ethereum – Solidity- React Native – React.js – GraphQL – Apollo – Go & TypeScript – Docker – Kubernetes – GCP

What you’ll be working on:

  • Building, managing, testing and deploying complex cloud based projects
  • Crafting tools and automation to ensure that we have the smoothest pipeline from our engineers laptop to our production servers
  • Optimising our Cloud Infrastructure for security and operational efficiency
  • Supporting the design and build of privacy-first applications on the “next generation computer”, aka Ethereum, to ensure that our users will never be our products!

This role is for you if:

  • You have experience designing, prototyping, validating and setting up automated cloud based deployment Infrastructure with GCP or AWS
  • You have deep and demonstrable knowledge of highly concurrent, distributed architectures/systems
  • You’ve got a proven ability to architect scalable solutions in a fast-paced environment
  • You’re good at breaking down problems into smaller pieces whilst keeping your eye on the big picture
  • You possess excellent verbal and written communication skills and thrive working within a team
  • You’ve worked with Docker & Kubernetes and you have strong Git/GitHub experience
  • You’re au fait with continuous integration and deployment processes and you’ve worked on greenfield projects
  • You have strong working knowledge of security and disaster recovery best practices for enterprise grade solutions

Bonus Points for:

  • An understanding of how the Ethereum Blockchain works
  • Having run production systems in GCP before
  • An understanding and experience of writing in Go
  • A track record of teaching yourself new technologies on the job and a passion for continuous technical improvement
  • A strong understanding of metrics and observability in a microservice architecture
  • … or you’re keen to learn all of the above and more!

Monolith is for you if:

  • You’re excited about the potential to create social change through technology. We’re not in this to get rich quick, we want to fundamentally change how the world does business
  • You believe in strong opinions weakly held, without ego. This industry is too new to have experts. Great ideas come from anywhere and better ideas can come at any time
  • You embrace the growth mindset and you like to be constantly learning, about everything
  • You’re creative & innovative. If it has been done before you will do it better but you will also relish doing things that have never been done. You are happy to be experimental, create a hypothesis, test and iterate
  • You believe in transparency. It’s not just a word for us – it’s what our business is built on. That means we treat our team like adults and we really value people who are open and genuine.

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