Paypal hiring, cryptomaniac ,Blockchain, crypto

PayPal is hiring Crypto Engineer in Chennai

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Paypal hiring Crypto Engineer in india, , cryptomaniac, Blockchain, crypto

Paypal Enters Crypto Space

It looks like PayPal is entering the crypto space with bang and he is believing in Indian talents as PayPal is looking for a tech lead in Chennai.

Paypal hiring Crypto Engineer in india, , cryptomaniac, Blockchain, crypto

What it means

Paypal is an established company and even after regulatory hurdles if it is investing in crypto business in India , it means they are positive about future of crypto in India. Moreover it looks they don’t Wana left behind as Binance is slowly making huge presence in India. In case India goes for positive regulation, Binance and it’s subsidiaries will have head start and PayPal will loose a valuable time to stand against competition. PayPal already have huge userbase ,so integration of it’s crypto products will lead to huge adoption of crypto in India.

Also it’s a huge warning signal to crypto startups in India that benefits of starting early will go away if they don’t innovate fast and increase user base because bigger brand names like Paypal will surely attract customers faster than them if they grow in snail pace.

What do you think , is India will be the next playground for crypto revolution , let me know in comments.

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