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Support through Gitcoin Grants

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The next round of Gitcoin Grants is starting from June 15 and if you want to support our site so that we can bring you great content, product and services , here is the time to support.

The more people will support , more will be the financial assistance we will get through Gitcoin Grants and faster we will grow bringing you more and more unbiased , free of heavy advertisement content and knowledge of Decentralised world.

How to support

  • You will need to have metamask extension installed in your desktop browser or access the Gitcoin through any dapp browser supporting Ethereum Blockchain. If using mobile , Trust wallet is one good option. Also you can use Firefox mobile browser or metamask app.
  • If you are not already registered, Register on gitcoin by clicking this link.
  • Find our grant in the grant list in media section or here is the direct link
  • Support by donating any amount you wish as small as 1 DAI ( equivalent to 1 USD) using Dai or ETH or any supported tokens.
  • Share the link with friends
  • You can also support any other projects you like in different categories like tech , media, health and others.

What is CLR and how it works

  • CLR stands for capital constraint liberal radicalism.
  • It’s based on paper proposed by Vitalik buterin and team, you can read it here.
  • Here is the analysis of last CLR round in Media Category.
  • The number of people supporting a project matters more than the amount per person.
  • 10 person donating 1 dai each will have a greater impact and more matching donation through grant for a project then 1 person donating 10 dai.
  • It is like giving power in hands of people.
  • There are some shortcomings like collusion, sybil attacks which is being corrected and enhanced with each rounds by awesome developer team of Gitcoin.

Final thoughts

Hoping our site will get your much needed support and love. Thanks to all the supporters for supporting our project till now.

You can check our supporters here.

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