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Top Ethereum Decentralised Exchanges

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Decentralised exchanges are slowly gaining traction and increase in volume due to improvement in user interface and increase in speed. With upcoming ETH 2.0 upgrade , the Ethereum based dexes will get a huge performance boost.

Let us find which are some of the top ethereum dexes-

KyberSwap is the fastest and easiest way to buy and sell tokens in a decentralized manner. Token exchange happens fully on-chain, which means KyberSwap never holds your funds, and trades are always transparent on the blockchain. You can trade with peace of mind as you’re always in control.

Kyberswap dex


Bancor Network

The Bancor Protocol is made up of a network of smart contracts (called “liquidity pools”) designed to perform algorithmic token trades and pooling of on-chain liquidity.

Screenshot of


Uniswap is a total decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum blockchain.

It is transparent, censorship-resistant financial infrastructure for Ethereum.

Uniswap dex



Totle aggregates decentralized exchanges and synthetic asset providers into a suite of tools that makes it easy to access deep liquidity for DeFi assets at the best price.

Users are covered for up to 600 ETH in case funds are lost during a swap due to an unforeseen bug through insurer Nexus Mutual.

Totle dex

Totle Dex Aggregator

Any one can include Totle exchange in its site using simple widget and there is special plugin for wordpress already available. You may see many sites powered by Totle dex aggregator soon. Our site also use Totle. If you want to swap crypto just use it below-

DEX Aggregator with the best prices on the market. Achieving best rates by splitting orders among multiple DEXes in one single transaction. dex


Decentralised exchanges are improving in both speed and user interface , within next few years they will become our primary choice for trading, investing and transacting. Centralised Exchanges will try to stay relevant by finding new uses cases as seen in case of Binance.

Users also deeply understand the need of flawless, user friendly decentralised exchange as it removes the core problem of centralised exchanges such as hacking , exit scam , lack of transparency , control of user funds in hand if exchanges.

Defi is also closely related to Dexes which is also booming slowly.

Which Dex out of above you use most and what features you want to see in dexes , comment below.

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