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Mainnet dates of Important blockchain projects

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The mainnet is one of the most important event of blockchain project. It’s the day when the promise given by a blockchain project to its investors and community is realised. It’s also a very important event on the basis of price action as heavy price action is seen leading to mainnet and sometimes after also in some projects. So let’s know which are the dates of most important mainnet of crypto projects.

Upcoming important Mainnet


Theta is one of the most important mainnet happening at present with huge price actions and news like partnership with samsung and others. It’s already up by 1000% since march crash. Theta have two token system one is main token theta and another is rewards token thetafuel which fuels the reward system.

Viewers earn rewards as Theta FuelFor sharing excess bandwidth and resources, viewers are now rewarded to participate in the network.


Matic is one of the most important layer 2 scaling solution for ethereum network and after it’s launch huge push will be seen in ethereum network and dapps ecosystem as fee will decrease and speed will increase. It does not have as much huge action like theta but slowly it’s building up. Staking is coming soon along with listing on Binance US. There are rumors of listing on Coinbase soon after mainnet too. It’s one of the most important project coming from India.


Iotex is a competitor to Iota in internet of things space.IoTeX is building the Internet of Trusted Things, an open network where all physical and virtual “things” — humans, machines, and businesses — can interact with full trust and privacy.It also saw huge price action in last few months as mainnet is coming close.

Ethereum classic

The original ethereum network known as ethereum classic moved on separate ways after unfortunate DAO imcident. But its community is still behind it and developing it amd making sure it does not lag behind its sister chain Ethereum. Ethereun classic have important mainnet upgrade known as phoneix in june.


Blockstack is one of the first project who got permission for its ICO through SEC. Stacks 2.0 mainnet launch is in June/July this year (tentative date), with PoX mining.


Neo is known as ethereum of china. Its coming up with 3.0 Mainmet upgrade. As we know china is a big market and mostly china gives more preference to home grown projects than outside. NEO may become for china what ethereum will become for whole world.


After the failure of ICO model in 2017. Many projects bring STO model and polymath is one such important project. It’s in testnet phase and will run various testnet phases and will be ready for mainnet by next year Q1. You should definetely have look on this as mainnet is still 7-10 months away and you can get great opportunities to accumulate it in in this timeframe.


Mainnet is one of the most important event of blockchain network project and it’s the day the promises made are realised in actuality with users using the network. Though real adoption of blockchain networks is still somewhat far. As for price action most of the past mainnets done a great show but only few maintained it afterwards.

Even after launching of so many of blockchain networks the adoption is still far and huge numbers of projects are competing to become the major player in there niche.

Within next few years the competition may rise further and after next 5-10 years we may see ultimate winners with most of the other projects running dead due to low user adoption.

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