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What is Coingecko Candies and how to earn them ?

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Coingecko has launched a new reward mechanism in which people can earn candies by logging in daily and redeem them for some in-store rewards.

This is one of the good way to reward the community. The great part is there is no preconditions to be eligible. Just register with coingecko and login daily to collect the candies.

Some items may have limited stocks like physical rewards or special edition NFT’s so it’s always better to earn and redeem candies as fast you can.

This reward mechanism will bring many new users to Coingecko platform and will bring joy to crypto users and traders as they can earn rewards too while checking the daily crypto data.


The best reward for crypto traders seems to be How to defi Ebook, which one can get by collecting 600 candies.

Coingecko T-shirt can be redeemed by collecting 1000 candies. There are many other rewards and I guess many exciting rewards will be added time to time.

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Final thoughts

After acquisition of Coinmarketcap , Coingecko is slowly becoming number one crypto data sites. Crypto community was not happy with the acquisition of coinmarketcap and the increasing Centralised approach binance is bringing to crypto ecosystem.

Most of the users moved towards Coingecko for transparency of data. Coingecko is one of he fastest growing crypto data site and they are launching new innovative products rapidly. Decentralisation and transparency with growth will be key to Coingecko long lasting succes.

So what do you think about Coingecko Candies and which reward you are most excited about, let me know about in comments.

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